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Gloucester County Woman - The Women of Gloucester County New Jersey (NJ)
Celebrating Gloucester County's Women
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womanowned Denotes Woman-owned Business

womanowned Ana L. Barnett, LPL Fin'l Advisor
womanowned Antonia's Bridal
womanowned Body Artistry by Tracey Morse
womanowned Cedarvale Winery
womanowned Comfort Keepers
womanowned Dial-A-Mop, LLC
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        Italian Affair
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       Kingdom of God Ministries
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     Photography/Design by Matthew Ware
       Pitman Manor  
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 Whiskerz Pet Sitting

February 2011 Writers
Always a Special Thanks
To Those Who Help To
Make This Magazine Happen!

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Joan Kirschner
Joyce Amos Smith
Anne Fannun, MS, RD
Matthew Hayden
Marcy Ireland, ABR, ePro, Realtor
Jane Mack
Cathy Brackin, Esq.
Connie Ortona
Dr. Richard Grupenhoff
Amy Rudley, Esq.
Burnett Lacy
Ana L. Barnett
Kim Casciato
Cheryl & Cory Sickles
Joanne Taylor Harrington
Marsha Geventa
Jenna Rentzel
Lolae Joline Lambert
Dr. Judy Morgan, DVM
June Bower

 February 2011
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From the Editor's Desk:

OMG!  Did you think that January was EVER going to get over? How sick and tired of the snow are you? Well, I do have really good news to report that iq option review did occur in January. The Women of Gloucester County Online Magazine hosted the COACH Bingo Fundraiser for our favorite charity, People for People Foundation of Gloucester County.

We sold an insane amount of tickets and had 12 generous donations from local businesses. I am so happy and glad that everyone had a great time and we raised a lot of money for PFPF. We actually raised $5,325. Many thanks to all who supported our efforts to make this a success!!!

Here are a few Happy COACH Happy Campers!!!! Do you believe that the middle picture is a COACH Cake baked by our new sponsor Sweetsboro Pastry Shoppe of Swedesboro, NJ?

 pink bag

 coach cake

 two bags

I would like to thank the following for their generous donations!

  • Juliettes's Jewels Boutique - Joyce Amos Smith
  • Whiskerz Pet Sitting - Cathy Archer
  • Harmony Gift Baskets - Maureen Coughlin
  • Broadway Theater of Pitman - Jill Slack
  • Executive Homemaker - Jane Collinge Mack
  • CamraScapes.com -  Brian P. Bower
  • Italian Affair - Giuseppe Celano
  • Yarn and Stuff.com - Christine Simiriglia
  • Terra Nova Restaurant - Antonio Cammarata
  • Dial-A-Mop - Rita Towner
  • Mary Kay - Patrice Patterson
  • Sweetsboro Pastry Shoppe - Karen Morrison


 join us county The WOGC supports all local business, especially women-owned business. It is extremely important that we are careful to keep our money circulating within our communities and county so that we can remain vibrant during these times.

The WOGC is more than a magazine!
We are creating an online community of readers, writers, and business persons. We provide educational, interesting and entertaining content.

More importantly, our web site is an interactive experience that allows us to offer more to our subscribers/advertisers than a traditional magazine. It is fluid and live, thus making it a valuable informational and marketing tool at affordable ad rates. We ask you to show your support for our efforts by asking your friends and businesses to join us.

Gloucester County Featured Women
February, 2011

Kathleen Lindsey

Norma Myer
Norma Meyer
Concert Pianist

February 2011 Sweepstakes 
Rastelli Direct




Elite Black Angus Beef Brisket Pot Roast
w/Gravy Fully Cooked
Cheesecake Factory Original Cheesecake
Stella Collington - eatpaylove@gmail.com
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book cornerWe have several books featured in the
Book Corner this month. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and reviewed by Joan Kirschner, is about one woman’s quest to get more happiness in her life.

We also have Mark Kummer, formerly of Pitman, who is an author and illustrator of his latest book The Alphabet Song. It's always great seeing the latest books available for our children.


A Few Articles to Get You Started!


richard1A History Lesson:
African American Film
2/1/2011 - Oscar Micheaux is considered the first and most important African American producer of “race movies,” films made by blacks with all-black casts for black audiences. Micheaux set about to fill this desire, and in the process produced a body of work that is unparalleled in the history of African American filmmaking. [more]


heart chocolateDressing for Your Sweetheart
2/1/2011 - Ahhh February! Romance is in the air ladies. It’s time to pick out that special outfit so we can steal the hearts of our new man, re-steal the hearts of our husbands, or just steal the hearts of millions. [more



john adams apetizerPresidents Weekend Dinner
What Would George Eat?
2/2/2011 - Our Executive Homemaker has such and adventurous heart and a quizzical mind. For our President's Month's issue, Jane gives us the historical research of what people actually ate back then along with some really interesting recipes. And she tries ALL of them and reports back to us. [more]


save moneySave Money This Winter
Freebie & Low-cost Fixes
2/1/2011 - The Department of Energy forecasts that the average household heating fuel costs this winter will be approximately $928 per household. Warm, heated air leaking out of your home during the winter can waste a lot of of those energy dollars. [more



tax deductionsTax Deductions for Rental Homes
2/1/2011 - With the real estate market the way it is right now, there have been situations created where many homeowners are finding themselves as landlords when they had never expected to. But whether you entered the world of being a landlord voluntarily or not…from finding tenants to fixing faucets, renting a home out can be a lot of work! [more

featured womenEach month The Women of Gloucester County online magazine features two notable women of our county. These women have made positive differences in their personal, professional or community lives. More importantly, they should be people that we want to know.

I am always searching for nominees and would love to hear from you, too. Please send your nominees with their bios and why they are people we want to feature in our magazine.

Contact me, June Bower at WOGCNJ@aol.com. Get started because we need 2 women for the March issue!!!  Thanks so much!

Don't forget that we welcome your ideas, articles, tips, photos and suggestions to help us become a fun, informative and useful resource that you will look forward to reading each month. Click here to read our February issue.

PFP logo

People for People Foundation is a private, nonprofit foundation that helps normally self-sufficient individuals and families that fall on hard times through no fault of their own and need one time help. People for People provides monetary and advocacy assistance to those in need who may not know where to turn to for help or who may not readily qualify for traditional assistance from the government or large charities. Donations are gratefully accepted.


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February Facts

1. February is the second month, and has 28 days, except on Leap Years when it has 29 (2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012).

2. It is named after the Roman god Februus.  The Latin root word februa means purification; and the Romans held their celebration of purification during the time of the month February. The Welsh originally called the second month of the year – “y mis bach” meaning the little month. During the time of Shakespeare it was called ‘Feverell’.

3. The flower of this month is a violet or sometimes a primrose and the birthstone is amethyst (which represents sincerity).

4. Three big holidays are held in February: Groundhog’s day (2nd), St. Valentine’s Day (14th) and President’s day (3rd Monday).

5. February is also Black History Month, a time used to celebrate the accomplishments of people such as George Washington Carver and Martin Luther King, Jr., Marion Anderson, Satchel Paige, Sojourner Truth and many more.

6. President Andrew Johnson was impeached on February 24th, 1868.

7. On February 25th, 1928, a U.S. federal government commission issued the very first Television Broadcast License.

8. On February 14th, 1928 the infamous Valentine’s Day Massacre took place in Chicago.

9. John Glenn (astronaut and US Senator) was the first man to orbit the earth on February 20th, 1962.

10. Japan successfully launched a satellite into orbit on February 11th, 1970, making it the world’s fourth space power.

11. There is an ancient legend that Augustus Caesar took a day from February and added it to August (the month named after him) in order to make it as long as the month names after Julius Caesar and that is how February ended up with 28 days.

Some Famous people were February babies:

Aaron Burr – American politician & traitor…b.  2/6/1756

Felix Mendelssohn – musical composer… b.   2/3/1809

Ronald Reagan – US President, Governor & Hollywood Actor b 2/6/1911

Dwight Moody – religious evangelist…b.  2/5/1837

Sinclair Lewis – Nobel Prize-winning novelist… born February 7, 1885.

William Henry Harrison, 9th President of the United States… b. February 9, 1773

Abraham Lincoln — 16th President of the United States… b. 2/12/1809

Charles Darwin —  British naturalist … b.  2/ 12/1809

Thomas A. Edison — American inventor …  b.  2/11/1847


Canadian Flag Day is February 15th

Dominican Republic Independence Day  is February 27th

February is Library Lover’s Month

February is National Chocolate Lover’s Month

February 3rd is Wear Red Day

February 9th is G I Joe’s birthday in 1964

February 21st is — Love Your Pet Day

February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day

SHROVE TUESDAY is a Christian Holiday and on 2/16/2010 it will be celebrated marking the 40 days before Easter

ASH WEDNESDAY is another Christian Holiday and on 2/17/2010 it will be celebrated, always the day after SHROVE DAY.

PURIM is celebrated on February 28th

Read more:

Supporting People For People Foundation by raising awareness, through cash donations & fundraisers.