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Gloucester County Woman - The Women of Gloucester County New Jersey (NJ)
Celebrating Gloucester County's Women
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Please enjoy learning about our past featured women and reading our previous articles from past issues at your leisure!


Evelyn Leverett, Exec. Dir. Habitat for Humanity
Lending a Hand Up
11/1/2010 - When it comes to hard work, educating those in need and being a part of making her community a better place to live, we could all take a few pages out of Evelyn Leverett’s book. As a former Executive Director for community housing in central New Jersey, Leverett was part of the process that turns neighborhoods around. [more]

Dr. Kauser Jahan, P.E., Rowan University
11/1/2010 - Attracting Women to Engineering (AWE), now in its 11th year, is designed to expose middle school-aged girls to the broad field of engineering. Females entering the 7th and 8th grades participate in workshops that cultivate their interest in engineering through a hands-on approach to engineering. [more]

Nearing Retirement?
Financial Advice Is Critical
11/30/2010 - Investors planning for retirement need to begin addressing some important questions well in advance of their actual retirement date: How much will retirement cost? How will I pay for it? How much can I spend each year and not run out of money? Can I plan for retirement while also meeting other financial goals, such as educating children and paying off debt? [more]

Doing Business
First Impressions
11/1/2010 - Everything is a function of marketing. This means that your signs, business cards, letterhead, advertising materials, shirts and everything else you use to directly promote your business needs to have a consistent and professional look. While the term is known as branding, just think of it as consistency. You’ll look more professional, stable and successful. Something to remember – people like to associate with success. [more]

The 'Dreaded' High School Reunion
To Go or Not to Go
11/1/2010 - For those of you who have attended class reunions in the past, you know all those feelings, concerns, and emotions that start to creep into your mind. How do I look? Will people recognize me? Do I look a whole lot different than I did in high school? How much weight have I gained? I wonder if Suzy or Harry still look good. Did he or she really succeed like we thought they would? Should I go or just stay home? [more]

Pet Health Insurance
Be Prepared for Emergency Treatments
11/1/2010 - Do you want to be prepared for any medical situation that could arise with your pet? If so, dog and cat health insurance could be for you. While not as expensive as human care, emergency procedures, surgeries or specialized treatments can be costly for pet owners. [more]

Bicycling 101
Tips to Get You Going
11/1/2010 - Think you want to become a bicycle rider, but you don’t quite know how to start? You have come to the right place. I’ll give you some pointers to get you going. [more]

Bermuda At Its Best
11/1/2010 - You shouldn’t go to Bermuda without spending some time in Hamilton. Besides being Bermuda’s capital city, Hamilton has plenty of sightseeing attractions, beaches and shopping. [more]

No Calories, No Hangover:
Utterly Delectable Mysteries
11/1/2010 - For a delicious escape from life’s little troubles, indulge yourself with a good mystery. And if you enjoy the culinary arts, dining out and a nice glass of wine, order up some of these wining and dining mystery series. [more]

Four Simple Solutions
Parenting an Inflexible Child
11/1/2010 - Looking for solutions to parenting a child with inflexible behaviors before all your hairs turn gray? The solutions are simple, and the revelation will be enough to make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” [more]

Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana
Dominican Republic
11/1/2010 - An overall review of this beautiful resort that gives you the real scoop on all that can be expected at this high-end property. [more]

It’s Your Day?
Or So You Thought...
11/1/2010 - Jane and Rick were getting married. They decided to have a small, intimate wedding to take place soon. What happens when other people get involved? You'll love this story as many will relate to a wedding that is swept from under your control. [more]

Interesting Volunteer Opportunities
Mullica Hill & Helplines
11/1/2010 - Volunteering opportunities are never at a loss thoughout our area and surrounding counties. Listed this month are two diverse ways to help others and Pay It Forward at the same time. [more]

Just Another Manic Monday
Not Enough Time
11/1/2010 - We all know it’s important to exercise but the issue is finding the time. Life happens… things come up, like working, eating, sleeping, and spending time with family and friends. So take a few minutes from your busy day and read on. Here are 13 tips to make sure you never utter the “not enough time” excuse again! [more]

A Few Tips to Create a Healthy Meal
Grab 'n Go
11/1/2010 - Typical on-the-go food is high in fat, salt or sugar, and low on all the good stuff. Here are a few quick tips to create a healthy meal that will give you all the energy you need to complete your hectic day. [more]

Accessorizing Tips
For Your Fall Wardrobe
11/1/2010 - Fall is here and it’s time to accessorize. It’s time to shop around for the greatest statement making accessories fall 2010 has to offer. Scarves, boots, bags, and jackets are great statement making pieces for your fall wardrobe this year. [more]

Fashion Road Kill Vs.
Animal Print Fashionista!
11/1/2010 - Love it or hate it, animal print is back! The untamed animal motif has been unleashed and is sweeping the fashion runway. Channel your wild side this fall. [more]

Our Most Valuable Resource
11/1/2010 - While we adults seem to understand without mouthing a word that our future has far less time than our past, our youth see the future as a vast frontier in which to make a difference. [more]

Getting Ready to List Your Home for Sale?
Get a Home Inspection First!
11/1/2010 - What are the benefits of having your own professional home inspection BEFORE you put your home on the market? [more]

Employer Mandated Polygraph Tests
Know Your Rights
11/1/2010 - Federal Law prohibits the administration of polygraph tests to one’s employees in many circumstances. This law is called the Employee Polygraph Protection Act and it was enacted in 1988 to prohibit most employers from the administration of such lie detection testing for pre-employment screening purposes or during the course of one’s employment. [more]

South Jersey Wineries
Let’s Taste a Few
11/1/2010 - The Garden State Wine Growers Association is an organization that represents the 34 New Jersey Wineries held a festive event at Cape May ferry last month. Get to know our Gloucester County wineries! [more]

Women & Social Security
Importance of Your Earning Record
11/1/2010 - Sixty percent of all Social Security recipients are women. If you work, you receive a Social Security statement each year three months prior to your birthday. That statement will list how much you made each year for your entire life and an estimate of your benefits. [more]

Pumpkin Soufflé
Cheese Soufflé
11/1/2010 - Every year I go to the local farm market and we purchase fresh harvested vegetables. One of my favorites is pumpkin. For years, I’ve cracked open a pumpkin and roasted it in my oven for hours until its ready to be put in my food processor to puree. I use the puree mainly for pumpkin pie for the holidays. [more]


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