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Gloucester County Woman - The Women of Gloucester County New Jersey (NJ)
Celebrating Gloucester County's Women
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Featured In This Issue

Please enjoy the articles in this month's issue! If you would like to contribute an article for a future issue, please contact us.


Nora Eckler
Young and Free
4/1/2012 - A beautiful, voice, spirit and tons of talent describe one of our own 'Home Grown' entertainers. Nora Eckler appears at the Pitman Broadway Theater on April 13, 2012 at 7:00PM. [more]


Savor the Season
Splashes of Femininity
4/2/2012 - I wrote an article last April that was published on Philly2Philly entitled “Lighten Up.” It was fun to write since it included my vacation to Arizona and that I was diligently trying to lighten up in all areas of my life. [more]
GFWC-Wash Twp Volunteer Women's Org
Ladies Day Out April 28th
4/1/2012 - If you are looking for community involvement, an opportunity to meet new people, the chance to develop new skills and to enjoy yourself at the same time, we're the organization for you! If you would like information about our April 28th Ladies Day Out or how to become a member of our Club please call Marcie at 856-217-8193. [more]
Early Spring Salad
The Techie Homemaker
4/1/2012 - I think the ground hog lied this past February! In the last couple of weeks, the weather has been beautiful. I started pushing my heavy sweaters back towards the end of my closet and grabbed short sleeve T-shirts to wear. Uh-oh! Last year’s clothes are a little “snug.” I guess it’s time to start eating on the lighter side so my spring clothes fit better! [more]
April Showers
4/1/2012 - It is not easy to leave a long-term relationship and split up a household and family. It is not easy to leave behind the financial and emotional security that that relationship provided. And the logistics of divorce can be a nightmare! A downpour that is aimed directly at us! [more]
Spring Cleaning…Booo Hisss!
4/1/2012 - You’ve all heard it a million times, “Time for spring cleaning!” “Don’t forget to do your spring cleaning!” “I used my whole weekend to do spring cleaning.” I say, “Booo Hisss!!” To me spring means fresh flowers, warm breezes, longer days and lots and lots of time outside. I don’t want to waste any of my time, especially on the weekend, doing cleaning. Furthermore, I’m not going to let guilt pressure me into it either. [more]
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
As Reviewed by Joan Kirschner
4/1/2012 - This book, a New York Times bestseller, is fascinating, heart-breakingly sad, questions the morality of our society and our view of medical research and care, and has already made many readers, including myself, angry and disturbed by some of the inequities and tragic outcomes it brings to light. [more]
Taste of Gloucester County
Celebrates “Stars of Volunteering”
4/1/2012 - The Volunteer Center of Gloucester County cordially invites the community to the 14th Annual “A Taste of Gloucester County”, presented by Wells Fargo, on Monday, April 16, 2012. The celebration will take place from 6-8:30 pm at Auletto Caterers in Deptford, NJ. [more]
Superhero to Everyone But You?
See What Can Happen
4/1/2012 - Welcome new writer and Certifed Personal Trainer, Lynn DeVasto who shares with us her journey to health and untimately to herself. [more]
Have We Forgotten How to Buy a House?
Why We Shouldn't Rely So Much on Technology
4/1/2012 - We rely so heavily on this force of technology, that we have made it an entity, an appendage, a part of our brain which needs to be consulted in order to make our every move. We often forget to use our common reality senses. [more]
Safe Driving From a Teen's Perspective
Your Legal Corner
4/1/2012 - For a teenager, the freedom to drive wherever you want is always an anticipated event. And because of one small mistake, my car was totaled. I was left to be thankful for my safety, and to wonder what would become of my freedom; the blame was to be placed solely on myself. [more]
Seasonal Changes Are Much Like Life
4/1/2012 - “Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom.” —Margaret Elizabeth Sangster [more]
A Weed We Love to Hate
4/1/2012 - As the warm weather wakes up the plants that have been sleeping, it is an equal opportunity employer. Spring does not discriminate! The lovely flowers, tree, shrubs and WEEDS will all be given their chance to bloom and survive. [more]
Regional Job Growth
Hinges on Rowan Research Designation
4/1/2012 - Today Rowan finds itself yet again in uncharted territory, as the state considers a radical restructuring plan for higher education. Rowan is much better positioned than it was 15 years ago to take on this new challenge, having become one of South Jersey’s leaders in higher education and economic development. [more]
The Telford Inn
As Reviewed by ’The Fearless Foodies’
4/1/2012 - The restaurant is steeped in history. The building dates from 1812 and this is its bicentennial anniversary. The celebration will continue all year, and the proprietors are even planning to team up with Flying Fish Breweries Company to create a specialty beer just for this anniversary. We will definitely watch for that as an excuse to go back to Telford Inn again! [more]
Lessons From a Cigarette
4/1/2012 - Debbie's April contribution, as usual, offers something to think about even in some situations where you wouldn't have guessed what that might be. [more]
Steak Wraps
The Techie Homemaker
4/1/2012 - My husband and I went to this fancy restaurant and had this appetizer which was called steak spring rolls. They looked like egg rolls. They were filled with cabbage, cheese and thinly sliced steak and then placed in an egg roll wrap. They were deep fried and served with several sauces. They were absolutely delicious. So, when I got home, I tried to copy that appetizer recipe that we had when we ate out. [more]

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