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Gloucester County Woman - The Women of Gloucester County New Jersey (NJ)
Celebrating Gloucester County's Women
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Getting Ready to List Your Home for Sale?
Get a Home Inspection First!
11/1/2010 - What are the benefits of having your own professional home inspection BEFORE you put your home on the market? [more]


Employer Mandated Polygraph Tests

Know Your Rights
11/1/2010 - Federal Law prohibits the administration of polygraph tests to one’s employees in many circumstances. This law is called the Employee Polygraph Protection Act and it was enacted in 1988 to prohibit most employers from the administration of such lie detection testing for pre-employment screening purposes or during the course of one’s employment. [more]

Doing Business
First Impressions
11/1/2010 - Everything is a function of marketing. This means that your signs, business cards, letterhead, advertising materials, shirts and everything else you use to directly promote your business needs to have a consistent and professional look. While the term is known as branding, just think of it as consistency. You’ll look more professional, stable and successful. Something to remember – people like to associate with success. [more]

Women & Social Security
Importance of Your Earning Record
11/1/2010 - Sixty percent of all Social Security recipients are women. If you work, you receive a Social Security statement each year three months prior to your birthday. That statement will list how much you made each year for your entire life and an estimate of your benefits. [more]



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